Voice of America Khmer service – Video

Stories produced in conjunction with Voice of America Khmer-language reporters in Cambodia.

Princess Bopha Devi on the ‘Apsara Mera’ Classical Khmer Ballet
December 15, 2010

The Royal Khmer Classical Ballet troupe performed ‘Apsara Mera’ in Europe in October 2010. During rehearsals at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Princess Bopha Devi, the troupe’s patron and Cambodia’s former culture minister, explained how she and other teachers reconstructed the ancient story for dance. Bopha Devi is the daughter of Norodom Sihanouk, the former king of Cambodia.

Bayon Temple, ‘Masters’ Serenaded at Bosbapanh Concert
March 9, 2011
On Feb 25-26, 14-year-old Cambodian soprano Bospa Panh led a collection of local and international musicians and dancers in a tribute to the old masters, at a rare concert held in front of the Bayon Temple in Siem Reap.

The Like Me’s Strike a Chord With Cambodians
March 4, 2011
Laura Mam and her band, The Like Me’s, are a new group that is fast gaining popularity in the US. The band is on a quick tour of Cambodia. Born in the US, 24-year-old Mam says she hopes her music will reach even more people in the homeland of their parents.

Making Good: How One Young Girl Escaped the Garbage Heap
May 17, 2011
Until a few years ago, Chen Sokha, spent her days scavenging at Phnom Penh’s Stung Meanchey dump. Now she’s a student at a prestigious international school in the capital. She’s even been named one of Newsweek magazine’s top 150 women. Now she is looking to pay her luck forward.

Video Installation Gives Voice to Khmer Rouge Cadre
March 16, 2011
Low-ranking Khmer Rouge cadre have their say in a massive video installation at the Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center in Phnom Penh. The “Voices of the Khmer Rouge” exhibit continuously displays interviews with 30 different people, a total of 43 hours of footage. Filmmakers Thomas Weber Carlsen and Jan Krogsgard began the project in 2002.


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