Dispatches Archive

Stories from CBC Radio One Dispatches. Here’s you’ll find the introductions from the show’s host, Rick MacInnes-Rae, followed by a embedded media player.

Cambodia’s Human Exports
December 16, 2010
Malaysia needs maids, apparently. And Cambodians need cash. Opportunity knocks.So Cambodia’s encouraging people to head south and work as domestics. Especially girls. In practice though, it gets a little unsavoury. It’s created an industry of aggressive recruiters and false documents. In one rural community which has sent a lot of girls away, the guy who hooks them up is headquartered at the local whorehouse. Some do prosper in Malaysia. But others return home to Cambodia, damaged. Dispatches contributor Brian Calvert is in the north looking at the reasons for it.

Cash for Coverage
October 21, 2010
Sometimes it’s just twenty bucks slipped into an envelope at a press conference in Ghana, supposedly to cover “transportation costs.” Or it’s thousands paid by an African National Congress official to the journalists he calls his “airforce.” The report calls bribery “a single problem with many faces.” A recent survey of Cambodian journalists found a quarter of them know somebody who’s taken a bribe to write a favourable story. And 35% know someone who’s taken money to stop them filing a bad one. It’s all familiar to Kay Kimsong, the editor-in-chief of the Phnom Penh Post’s Khmer-language edition. His view from Cambodia.

Jars in the Jungle
March 4, 2010
In 2003, wildlife rangers in Cambodia went looking for tigers. Instead, they found jars and coffins, centuries old, filled with human remains. Thirteen in all. Which made no sense.Cambodia’s practised cremation for hundreds of years. So who were these people? How’d they get there? It remained a mystery. Until now. Dispatches contributor Brian Calvert met up with an American scientist braving elephants and moths to learn the secret of the jars in the jungle.


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